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Each student has a mental picture of what he or she would like to accomplish when attending one of my workshops. It is my desire to help each student accomplish what his or her mind sees and to instill the basic fundamental skills of sculpting.

This can be accomplished when all the fear of this new endeavor can be removed and one can then enjoy the freedom in knowing that they control the clay and the clay does not control them.

My teaching process involves a step-by-step method, and includes my fully illustrated manual. Special effort is made to emphasize the anatomy of the body and its features. I want each student to be proud of every part of the construction of the doll from the sculpting, to the final stage of construction.

When they are finished students relate to the doll as an equal and have eliminated any dimensional barriers.

My students usually do not stop with one doll and instead, they continue on making other dolls. This is my reward.

Below are some of the sculpting workshops I offer.

Click on the Workshop Title for a description and photograph of the class.

Body and Soul  (Sculpt a Head, Hands on Hands, & Articulated Figure) 3 days
Creating a Fantasy Head: Spindle Jester 1 day
Hands on Hands 1/2 day
Hands on Hands and Feet 1 day
Mastering the Articulated Figure 1 day
Pop-up Puppet 2 days
St. Nick on a Stick 1 day
Sculpting a Head 1 day
Skirted Figure 3 days

See my Schedule for dates and events where I will be teaching in 2005.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a workshop for your group or event.

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