Candle Maker
Doll Artists click the names below for the websites
Aerosculpture! Leslie Hancock
Joan Benzell Delightful porcelain miniatures
Mere Whimsies Beththomas Merely Whimsical creations
Black Sheep Designs Sharon Costello Unique, felted wool dolls
Born Yesterday art dolls by Myra Sherrod
Antonette Cely Absoultely remarkable cloth sculpted dolls
Creager Studio Master artist's one-of-a-kind dolls
Bob Cunningham Imaginative fantasy dolls
Jane Darin Unique cloth dolls with themes
Shirley Dougan Australian artist: fantasy: one-of-a-kind
Elven Work Katherine Dewey character and animal dolls
eloh sculpture Ethel Loh Strickarz Fine Art
Faery Enchants Christine Ruggle -- Adorable faeries
Robin Foley Unique fabric sculpted creations
June Goodnow Artist and teacher; wonderful Native American dolls
Lynette Hampton Fabulous tiny faeries
Linda Kays Character dolls: mold making resource
Gail Lackey Unique fanciful dolls
Oldenburg Originals Maryanne Oldenburg Loveable, polymer clay children
Original Cloth Children Teresa Churcher (UK) Professional cloth children dolls
FabricImages by Joyce delightful cloth creation by Joyce Patterson
Marilyn Radzat Unique fantasy dolls with use of sea glass
Rebas Art Rebecca Schumacher: Fantasy, imaginative sculpture
Renfro Studio Becci and John Renfro: Imaginative clay dolls
Single Rose Dolls Rosie Rojas
Sarah Russell Dolls Native American dolls
Troutman originals Diane Troutman Santa's and Elves
lt art dolls Lilin Tseng   Artistically unique. She works outside the box.
Jannie van Eijk Wonderful character dolls
Barbara VanNoy Her detailed work is astounding
Marlaine Verhelst Dutch artist with distinctive style
Organizationsclick the names below for the websites
AADA American Academy of Doll Artists
CTADS Central Texas Art Doll Sculptors
MCODA Midwest Coalition of Original Doll Artists
NIADA National Institute of American Doll Artists
ODACA Original Doll Artists Council of America
TAODA Texas Association of Original Doll Artists
UFDC United Federation of Doll Clubs
Suppliersclick the names below for the websites
Airtex Polyfill
The Clay Factory Clay
Dick Blick Artist supplies
Jack Johnston Professional site; great resources, clay
Magic Sculpt Epoxy Clay
Mini World A variety of doll supplies and clay
Perfect Touch Tools Precision crafted tool
Puppets Fun puppets for all occasions
Karen Schneider Supplies and tools
Texas Art Supply General artist supplies
Wee Folk Creations Ideas, molds, and supplies
Reference ResourcesBooks that I found helpful
Doll Making, One Artist's Approach Robert Mckinley - ISBN 0-9628821-0-0
Fantastic Figures Susanna Oroyan - ISBN 0-914881-00-0
Designing the Doll Susanna Oroyan - ISBN 1-57120-060-6
Anatomy of the Doll Susanna Oroyan - ISBN 1-57120-024-X
Finishing the FigureSusanna Oroyan - ISBN 1-57120-121-1
Complete ... to Facial Expressions Gary Faigin - ISBN 0-8230-1628-5
Drawing the Human Head Burne Hogart - ISBN 0-8230-1375-8
Human Anatomy for Artists Eliot Gold Finger - ISBN 0-19-505206-4
Human Figure Anatomy for Artists David Rubins - ISBN 0-140-042-431
Ways of Drawing Eyes Roger Coleman - ISBN 1-56138-394-5
The Book of a Hundred Hands George Bridgman - ISBN 0-486-22709-X
Human Figure Erik A. Ruby - ISBN 0-442-27148-4
Anatomy for Artists Jeno Barcsay - ISBN 1-566-19-245-5
A Journey of the ImaginationJames Christensen - ISBN 0-86713-021-0
Complete Book of Sewing DK Publishing - ISBN 0-7894-0419-2
Chronicles of Western FashionJohn Peacock- ISBN 0-9109-3953-3
English Women's Clothing in the 19th Century   - ISBN 0-486-26323-1
Historic Costume in Pictures Braun and Schneider - ISBN 0-486-23150-X


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