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As I child, I grew up with a wealth of nursery rhymes and poems that I could recite at the drop of a pin. Later in life, as an adult, I was and interior designer for 18 years and was exposed to fabrics, textures, colors, compositions, and designs. This allowed me to create beautiful and comfortable environments for others. Each person that I dealt with was a challenge and oh how I love challenges! My reward was their satisfaction and joy.

My doll career began in 1991 in Gladewater, Texas where my husband and I created hand-carved, folk art wooden dolls. He was the carver and I painted, designed, constructed and costumed each doll. We went to Fine Art shows for five years and sold our dolls nationally.

At the 1995 IDEX (International Doll Expo) show in Dallas, I was introduced to the medium of polymer clay dolls. It was like “love at first sight”. I knew that I had to learn how to made them. Sarah Russell was the one to make them come alive for me in the workshop that she taught in Dallas. I have pursued this avenue of doll making ever since that day and now teach workshops on my own.

I am currently a member of the Original Doll Artist council of America (ODACA), Central Texas Art Doll Sculptors (CTADS) and The Academy of American Doll Artists (AADA) and have taught workshops at Doll Makers Fiesta in Austin, TX; Kansas City Doll Fair in Overland Park, KS; Mountain Majesty Workshops in Cloudcroft, NM; Weekend of Workshops (WOW) in Concord, NH; and Enchanted Doll Artist Conference in Albuquerque, NM. I have also been featured on the Carol Duvall show on the Home and Garden national network.

My work has been exhibited in many galleries and I have participated in shows such as, Santa Fe International Figurative Art, Kansas City Doll Fair, Houston Quilt Festival, Texas State Fine Arts and Crafts Festival and many more. I have also had many features in national magazines.

I have a restless passion, focus and commitment that drives me to each new doll that I create. I am my own personal challenger. The part of doll making that I like the most is the costuming. In my studio the fabrics line the wall to become a constant stimulus to the eye. The fabric is like music to the soul. It is a daily treasure hunt with each new creation. Color, themes, movement and facial expression also inspire me.

My greatest satisfaction and purpose is to share what I know with others not only in the teaching environment, but also at shows and other special ways. My method of teaching is a simple, process oriented, step-by-step way of sculpting that gives great confidence to each student.

Thank you for your interest in my dolls.


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